We’re All About Delicious Convenience


We know all too well that life and daily obligations can get in the way of keeping your diet in check.  Even though your intentions may be good, you’ve likely found justifying your eating habits as being too tired to cook a balanced meal or too busy to eat healthy.  Although the increasing availability of fast food makes it seem like these are your only options, eating healthy doesn’t have to be out of reach or time-consuming.  That’s where we step in to take the hassle out of preparing fresh, healthy, convenient meals and make them available right at your doorstep.

Meet Nutropia founder, James Rappaport

Our founder, James Rappaport began his business career in the health club industry at the age of 23, when he opened Powerhouse Gym of Bayside.  His expertise as a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Certification grew significantly, and it wasn’t long before Powerhouse Gym became one of the best gyms in Queens, New York.  His passion for fitness and nutrition sparked the idea that has become his livelihood today. In 2001, Nutropia was born.

Nutropia started out just like all other nutrition companies as a one-size fits all meal plan.  It wasn’t long before realizing that everyone has different goals, lifestyles and other factors that make each individual’s meal plan unique.  We have since evolved to accommodate all diet types and most nutritional needs, and we offer the ultimate in customization. Since the establishment of Nutropia in 2001, we are proud to offer meal options for everyone with over 100 different choices daily.  No matter what your needs are, we can customize your plan. Nutropia supplies over 500 clients with their nutritional needs every day. We currently employ over 20 people in the New York Tri-State area. Our success has helped us expand our service area, and we have since opened a second location in Southeast Florida, where we’re continuing to grow.  We are easily the premier meal plan in New York and Florida within a very densely populated and competitive field.

Since the creation of Powerhouse Gym, James has moved on to concentrate solely on his passion, Nutropia.  There is never a day that goes by where he regrets that decision. He believes it has paid off tremendously and loves what he does. With the help of James’ partner Ranee Lafratta and Executive Chef Ashley Odette, Nutropia has developed as one of the leaders in the meal prep food delivery industry.  

Meet Head Nutritional Consultant & Business Partner, Ranee Lafratta

Ranee Lafratta has been with Nutropia since its inception in 2001, and she has been instrumental in menu development and daily client dietary consulting.  With a passion for food and background in nutrition, it was a natural fit for Ranee and Nutropia.  She is currently the Head Nutritional Consultant and manages the Florida location as well as oversees all nutritional consulting for all clients.  Ranee works closely with clients to ensure they achieve their desired results. She also works with the chefs at both locations to make sure all menus are on point with Nutropia’s high-quality standards.  In 2014, she managed the buildout and opening of Nutropia’s West Palm Beach location.

Meet Executive Chef, Ashley Odette

Upon graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors, Ashley Odette went on to work at a variety of establishments, some of which included The Garden City Hotel, Greenwich Country Club, Kitchen Kabaret and Piping Rock Country Club.  She has also focused on the operations side of the industry through her work in restaurant consulting, menu development, and opening NYC’s “Hot Clay Oven” restaurant. Not only is Ashley highly motivated and detail oriented, but she has also won upwards of 5 culinary competitions and has trained extensively for the famous Bocuse d’Or.  With over 16 years of culinary and baking experience, Executive Chef Ashley Odette heads our culinary facilities at Nutropia New York and oversees our Florida operation. Over the past four years, Ashley has dedicated herself to helping Nutropia expand and flourish. Her mission is to apply her extensive knowledge and expertise to recreate the dishes we all know and love while keeping flavor and health as the focal point.

Let’s take the hassle out of fresh, healthy, convenient meals

You’ve probably lost count how many times you’ve stood in the kitchen and blankly stared into the fridge.  It’s probably not that uncommon that you reach for something you shouldn’t! One of the biggest issues these days is trying to figure out what to eat, what to buy at the store, how to make it and how to save money.  Aside from choosing what to make, you have to cook it, eat it, clean up, and monitor how your body reacted to it. It’s an everyday struggle. When meal planning is built around a method and aligned towards a goal, it frees up focus and mental fatigue.  Whether you’re new to meal plans or you’ve tried it once or twice, our nutritionists can guide you in the right direction. Let us transform your diet. So, what are some other ways a meal plan benefit your life?

Nutritional, wholesome ingredients

Eating a well-balanced diet can help you obtain the calories and nutrients you need to fuel your daily activities, including regular exercise. When it comes to eating food to fuel your exercise performance, it’s not as simple as choosing veggies over fast food. You need to get the right types of food at the right times of the day.  With deadlines to meet, social events, dining out, late nights and early mornings, it’s easy to forget to take control of your health and fitness. When you are hungry and busy, it’s convenient to reach for these unhealthy foods that are high in added fats, sugars and salts. Things like microwave dinners, instant ramen, potato chips, cookies, and sweets are seemingly tempting to reach for because they’re convenient and well – tasty!  We help take away the temptation to make it easier to choose healthier options instead, by offering delicious daily meals right at your doorstep.

Save money & time

Our meal plans help you save money.  If you know your meals will be delivered to you daily, you’ll be less likely to impulse buy at the grocery store!  If you stick to the plan, you won’t have to throw out food that goes bad because you never decided what you want to do with it.  Not having to worry about what you’re going to eat will also give you time to workout and in general, to be healthier. It will help you create a routine that works best for your lifestyle, and you won’t be left wondering how you’re going to get it all done.

Reduce stress

The stresses of everyday life is enough to drive up your blood pressure and winding down at the end of the day should be a priority.  Having a meal plan helps reduce stress. Knowing what you’re going to eat for dinner and that it’s already prepped or that you have the ingredients to make it, means no last minute decisions to make.

Too often we hear that “healthy” food isn’t necessarily tasty, right?  Wrong. That is a huge misconception that healthy food correlates to unappetizing, bland meals.  We firmly believe that first and foremost, food needs to be delicious. There is nothing inspiring about a bland bowl of flavorless pasta.  It might be “healthy”, but who wants to eat it? The Internet has endless healthy food recipes, but they require patience, practice, time and energy.  There are often many tricks of the trade that are overlooked when it comes to the cooking healthy meals. Our Executive Chef, Ashley Odette has worked extensively on creating well-balanced, flavorful, savory dishes.  She can turn ordinary into extraordinary and we’re happy to provide our clients with the best meal options.

Our mission at Nutropia is simple, we take the hassle out of fresh, healthy and convenient meals.  No grocery lists, no spoiled food, no dishes and no wasting hours running to and from the grocery store.  We make it easy to select your meals online and we’ll deliver them fresh to you every day. We’re all about delicious convenience.