Eating Tips to Follow to Live A Healthier Life

Eating is different for everybody. Eating the right food is not as easy for some people as it is to others. Our relationships with food are different. Some of us wouldn’t dare touch pasta or bread because it upsets our stomach, all the while professing our love for ice cream and chocolates. Some of us would like to skip breakfast, but if there’s maple syrup around, we will eat it even when it’s on cardboard.

Also, some of us eat or not eat to look physically good. Yet, we take blood pressure medicine to prevent hypertension. It’s so hard not to succumb to stress eating or keep eating when you’re stressed or depressed. It’s particularly hard to stick to spinach and kale while you long for pizza and roasted chicken.

Like the seven different types of tastes, our taste for food is varied. But it shouldn’t be that way. Eating should be simple. We complicate it with our inclination to favor one type of food over the other. These are the reasons that, for most of us, eating or not eating becomes torturous.

Is eating healthy possible?

Don’t look at your favorite celebrities. They have a lifestyle extremely different from yours. That’s why it’s hard to pattern your life after theirs. It’s rare to find a regular human being who eats because he or she wants to be healthy. And when you do find them, you take a double-back. For most of us, what they’re doing is a feat. Yet, they do it despite the ordinary circumstances that are present in their lives. How do these people do it? Here are the answers:

They make bite-sized changes

Don’t establish a “cheat day.” The term itself is harmful. Why do you have to cheat to better yourself? If you associate your choice of trying to be healthy to something negative, it will harm you in the end.

Instead of eating everything you crave for in one day, why not make bite-size changes? For example, after your healthy skinny chicken salad sandwich for breakfast, you can still have a taste of your favorite pumpkin spice latte. But, instead of ordering it on a 16 oz. cup like you’re used to, order it on an 8 oz. cup. That way, you only didn’t cut the calorie intake by half, but you also didn’t have to deprive yourself of your favorites.

Be incremental when you introduce changes in your body. Don’t shock it into submission because you will want to be healthy and stay healthy as long as you live.

Moderation is key

Practice moderation in everything. Excess causes problems mentally and physically. If your pumpkin spice latte contains 420 calories in one 16 oz. cup, why do you have to drink it three times a day? You must reduce your intake now. Eventually, you’ll find it that your mind craves for the drink less and less until you can learn to let it go.

Also, you don’t need to eat a Vegas Style buffet every day to be satisfied. Your stomach is a small container. It will take 15 minutes for you to realize you’re full. Instead of horking down all the food you see on the table, eat with a smaller portion. Chew your food 32 times before swallowing. Take a break in the middle of your eating. When it’s 15 minutes, your stomach will tell you that what you had was enough.

Get in tune with your body. If you follow this process, you’ll find out how much food you only need to eat before you feel replete.

You are how you eat

It’s not much about what you put inside your mouth. It’s more of your attitude about eating that makes it positive and healthy. Focus on how you eat. You must learn to slow down. Remember that the food that you eat will nourish your body. Marvel on that, and take time to taste the flavors.

It’s also advisable to not do anything else when eating. You shouldn’t be texting or watching the news or reading a book. If you are distracted, you will overeat. Eating is not a competition, so you don’t need to finish fast. Besides, eating slowly will help you maintain a healthy metabolism.

These are just some of the tips you can use to start a healthy eating habit. It doesn’t matter if a particular food group gives you gas. As long as you eat healthily and watch how you consume food, you are on the right track to becoming healthy.

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