Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Nutropia?

Nutropia takes the hassle out of fresh, healthy and convenient meals. No grocery lists, no spoiled food, no dishes and no wasting hours running to and from the grocery store. Select your meals online and we’ll deliver them fresh to you every day. We’re all about delicious convenience.

Why should I pick Nutropia?

Nutropia is owner and family operated. Founded in 2001 by gym owner and nutritionist James Rappaport, Nutropia was created on the premise that a healthy lifestyle starts with each and every meal. Combined with a healthy exercise regimen, Nutropia empowers you to achieve your health and nutrition goals.

Nutropia does not leverage co-packers or third party delivery companies; everything is done in house by full-time kitchen staff that deliver hundreds of meals every day. All meals are prepared daily using fresh, never frozen, all-natural ingredients that satisfy even the heartiest and most discerning appetites.

If you’re looking to track your intake with each meal we’ll help with that as every meal and snack is labeled with its own individual Nutritional Facts.

How does delivery work?

Nutropia delivers within the New York metropolitan area on a nightly basis (by 6 am) our drivers will drop off your meals for the following day in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs to keep your meals fresh. You tell us where to make the delivery and every morning you’ll have ready-to-eat meals without having to ever visit a store. For more details on delivery check out Nutropia’s Service Area.

What kind of meal plans does Nutropia offer?

Nutropia provides the ultimate in customization. There is no one size fits all and we’ll never look to lock you into a specific set of meals. Our in house nutritionist staff will discuss your lifestyle and goals with you to identify the best meals to help you achieve success. With over 20 selections for each entrée and 40 snacks per day to choose from you’ll never be relegated to the same thing every day. If you happen to love a specific item, feel free to order it as often as you like!

Yes we can do Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, Vegetarian or any combination – but remember, you’re never constrained to only those options.

Do I have to lock in to just one type of meal plan?

You are never locked into one plan or one type of meals. On a daily basis you can choose from over one hundred meals and snack offerings.

Is Nutropia affordable?

Absolutely! Take advantage of our new member deal – 7 days of meals and snacks for only $29.99/Day! We also offer special corporate rates for office delivery as well as group rates for families.

What is your cancellation policy & what do I do if I don’t want to receive meals one day?

If you’re not sure about a long-term commitment with Nutropia give us seven (7) days to prove how much you’ll love us. For $29.99 a day you’ll quickly see how much you value your free time and the convenience of not having to worry about what your next meal will be.

If you need to stop your meals for a day just give us a heads up. Remember, everything is fresh with Nutropia so we need a heads up to let our kitchen know to not cook your meal for the day. Let us know two (2) business days prior to the day you need your meals stopped by 5 pm.

For example: if you don’t need meals on Wednesday let us know by Monday at 5 pm.

For Friday/Saturday/Sunday we need to know by Wednesday at 5 pm.

All plans can be canceled with 48 hours notice and will be credited for the balance remaining on your plan within 2-3 business days.


How does billing work?

So that there is no interruption in your service we will reach out to you six (6) days prior to your plan ending to ensure you want to continue, once we receive your authorization for the plan of your choice we will rebill your at the new rate, otherwise you will have the option to end your plan and schedule your final bag and icepack pick up for the following week. After phone verification, we will follow up with an email confirming your order and plan update. 

For the 7-day trial, there are NO renewals and we will contact you when there are 2 days remaining to confirm your plans.  If you want to continue you will choose the plan you want to do, we will confirm and verify and then add.  You will only be charged after confirming. If you choose not to continue no charge will take place and we will schedule the final bag and ice pack pick up after your final day of service.

Additonal billing Information

In order to provide our clients with the largest variety and freshest food possible, we must order from our purveyors 1 week in advance.  A Nutropia team member will be in contact with you via phone and/or email prior to the conclusion of your first cycle so you can confirm if you wish to continue receiving meals.

Nutropia will contact you 6 days prior to the end of each cycle to confirm your plans.  If you wish to continue simply authorize us to process your payment or you can simply do it online via your profile.

How does the cancellation policy work?

All plans can be canceled with 48 hours notice and will be credited for the balance remaining on your plan within 2-3 business days. Once canceled we ask that you schedule a final bag and ice pack pick up with our team.

Entering Stop Dates and Postponing Service:

We take pride in providing you with the highest quality of food possible. As you know, your meals are prepared fresh every single day. Therefore, when you put your program on hold (insert “stop dates”), we require two days notice, before the hour of 3:00 PM to ensure your needs are met. You may suspend your program at any time, however if you do not call or email us before 3:00 PM of the two days notice, your food program will be submitted without adjustments and prepared as usual and unfortunately we will not be able to provide a credit.

Nutropia Tote Bags

Cooler totes and icepacks are the property of Nutropia and must be returned DAILY in similar condition as they were delivered. Do not return the bags with anything but our icepacks left in them. Please leave the bag(s) out each night because your delivery people have limited space in their cars. If a few pile up, kindly leave them out ASAP. For any unreturned property, a re-stocking fee of $25/bag and $10/set of icepacks will apply if you discontinue the service. If a bag pick up is scheduled and confirmed at the conclusion of your program, and bags are not left out, a $25 fee will be charged to your account.

The Nutropia Legal Disclaimer:

As always, consult with a Physician before beginning any nutritional, diet and/or exercise program Nutropia makes no guarantees or medical claims.

We are always here to help! Feel free to call us anytime: 866.877.LIFE (5433).

*All prices subject to change