Guidelines to keep your kids eating healthy.

Getting your kids to eat healthy food can be a challenge sometimes… especially if they are picky eaters.

The fact is that kids can learn to eat what is available to them, this means you should start giving them healthy meals or snacks and refrain from things that are high-calorie and high-fat.

If they don’t know about it, they will not miss it.

By encouraging your kids to eat healthier, the risks of weight-related health problems, such as childhood obesity, can and will be minimized.

It will take some time before your children start eating healthier. But, having a healthy eating plan in place can be helpful as your kids get older. Below you will find some guidelines that you will help when creating a healthy eating plan for your kids:

Guidelines to keep your kids eating healthy.

  • Give your kids at least one serving of fruit per day.
  • Give your kids at least one serving of vegetables per day.
  • Give your kids at least one serving of nonfat milk, skim milk or low-fat milk per day.
  • Offer your kids high-calcium foods, such as cheese, preferably one that is made with low-fat milk.
  • Serve your kids only 100% fruit juice, and limit this to only one serving per day.
  • Offer at least one whole grain food per day, such as whole wheat bread, oatmeal, or whole grain cereals.
  • Serve their meals and snacks in an appropriate portion that is suitable for their age.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid fried foods to your kids. Cook your foods by grilling, boiling, baking, and roasting instead.
  • Avoid microwaved meals, or packaged kids’ meals that are high in fat, calories, sodium, and low in fiber. Serve them whole foods that are freshly-cooked instead.
  • Avoid processed and fried meats such as chicken nuggets, corn dogs, and fish sticks more than once a week.
  • Avoid high-fat meats, such as bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausage, and bologna more than once a week.
  • Avoid sugar-filled milk such as chocolate milk and strawberry milk. These flavorings in milk are full of sugar and are also high in calories.
  • Avoid serving beverages with added sugar, such as sweet tea, soda, or any fruit drinks that are not 100% fruit juice.
  • Avoid offering your kids sweets on a daily basis, including candy bars, cookies, cakes, and other treats. Limit these kinds of sweets to special occasions only. Instead, give them healthy snacks for them to nibble on between meals.
  • Avoid taking your kids to fast food restaurants.


By implementing this healthy eating plan, along with regular physical activities, your kids will be able to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. They will also be less likely to develop weight-related health issues, such as diabetes and obesity as they get older.

Once your children get used to this healthy diet, they will naturally make healthier choices on their own.

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