Healthy Meals 101 – Common Portion Size Mistakes That You Should Know.

We bet you might have heard of the words ‘portion size.’ For the uninitiated, it’s not the same as ‘serving size.’ The former refers to the amount of food you eat, while the latter refers to the amount of food that is commonly served.

Chances are you’ve been eating a lot more than what is recommended. You may think as long as you’re eating the right kinds of food, then you can eat as much as you want. That’s a common mistake, though. The thing is, even healthy food will defeat the purpose of dieting if you eat too much.

Here’s a list of food commonly eaten in a portion size that you should be wary of.

Coffee Creamer

Let’s start with coffee creamer. Unless you opt for black coffee, you won’t have a problem with this. Apparently, your morning cup of Java may be fattening and unhealthy if you can’t live without creamer. Even a fat-free variety can still have an effect. It is said that a tablespoon is the recommended serving of creamer.

Chances are you’ve been adding more than a tablespoon of creamer to your coffee almost every day of your life. All you wanted was to augment the taste of your coffee, but for all you know, there may be a small amount of fat in the “fat-free” creamer you are partial to.


Let’s go to a bowl of cereal. Yes, cereal is ideal for those who want to cut down their food intake. It is better to satisfy your hunger with cereal instead of turning to heavy meals. But here’s the thing: do you really measure the amount of cereal you put into the bowl?

Chances are you’ve just been pouring cereal relentlessly into your bowl and eating until you’re full. According to the American Diabetes Association, a three-fourth cup is the suggested serving. In most cases, however, one cup of cereal will do.

Chicken breast

Next on the list is chicken breast. Sure, chicken breast is lean meat, and lean meat is good, as far as a healthy diet is concerned. In fact, it is a great source of protein that will help you build muscle but won’t make you fat.

But here’s another caveat: it won’t serve its purpose if you eat too much of it. Chances are you consume a whole chicken breast for dinner, and that’s a lot. The recommended single portion of chicken is three to four ounces. Clueless? That’s as big as a deck of playing cards, or the palm of your hand. That’s how the calories in the chicken breast may ruin your whole diet.


For most individuals, hamburgers are a big no-no. But for some, they only eat a burger for lunch or dinner, instead of a heavy meal. If you’re assuming that your hamburger patty is equivalent to one serving of beef, then you may be probably underestimating the calories you’ve consumed.

The recommended serving size of a hamburger is three ounces. The problem is, you are most probably consuming a quarter-pound burger that’s four ounces. In most restaurants, their typical servings of burgers are one-third to one-half, which is way more than what’s recommended.

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