I thank Nutropia everyday because it reminds me of what a “portion” should be and what a “balanced Meal” is!…..not to mention what “delicious ” can taste like!

Gary Lacinski Publisher, HX Media

I am a psychologist who specializes in treating people with anxiety and stress disorders. The importance of proper nutrition in reducing stress and altering mood has long been understood. However, with the convenience and satisfaction of Nutropia, I have found that people can learn how to eat properly and with their increased feelings of energy and well-being are able to make long term life style changes. Therefore, I have recommended several patients to the program.
Personally, I am on my third 3-month renewal with Nutropia. The quality and choice is excellent. With my demanding schedule I am still able to eat balanced, nutritious meals that preserve my health and energy. My wife is on the program now and she says that it is the first time she has felt like she has a “wife” cooking for her. I don’t think she will ever cook for me again.
This is the third home food delivery program I have tried. Unequivocally it is the best in all aspects, and I can’t imagine ever switching.

Dr. Julian Herskowitz

I am thrilled with my experience so far with Nutropia! I used a meal delivery service called Metro Diet 4 years ago that sadly went out of business; I then tried the Zone and was sorely disappointed (the food in my opinion was inedible at best). I was skeptical to try another program, but a friend from work told me about your program, and I could tell just by looking at the presentation of my first delivery that the food was going to be good. Every meal I ate last week was enjoyable, and I really like the convenience and flexibility of the online menu selection — I have already recommended 3 friends to sign up and try it, and I am looking forward to continuing with the program!


My clients demand the absolute best so I was sure to test out the food and service myself before placing any of my clients on Nutropia. The food and the service are excellent, and they are truly chef prepared delicious and nutritious meals. Surprisingly, even the low cal meals were delicious.
I chose the Nutropia program over a personal chef for my clients because it gave me a lot more menu variety and since I choose the meals for my clients, it gave me more control over portion size and calories which is the key to a successful weight loss program. Since not everyone is on a diet, not all of the food offered is restricted calorie food, and their oatmeal cookies are the best (of course none of my clients will ever know about these cookies).
Nutropia may not be designed for weight loss, but when I needed to drop 10Lbs off of a Supermodel for her show, I used Nutropia to count the calories for me.

Evan Chacker, Celebrity Trainer & Nutritionist

As the owner of VERT Peak Fitness Center of Jericho and someone that has always found proper nutrition a challenge I was excited and thankful to come across Nutropia. I have personally lost 35 pounds since starting Nutropia and have been recommending it to all of our clients. Many of them have joined and shared in great weight loss success stories and being able to eat healthier. As an owner of a new start-up business I work long hours on-site and my primary options for food are all restaurants and fast food chains with so called healthy options that are still poor quality and processed. Even when at home my options are store processed food or healthier alternatives that take a long time to prepare, are limited in variety, and expensive. Nutropia was the only food nutrition delivery service that impressed the nutritionists partnered with my fitness center. They refer to Nutropia as the best option especially for a clean food and not processed. Nutropia is not like being on a diet, it is a key healthy lifestyle option for eating right. I love the extensive variety of choices with menus that change each week and daily specials as I am never bored. I am never hungry and fill up easier than in the past which I attribute to eating more often with 5 balanced meals and food that is not processed and filled with unsatisfying fillers. I am amazed at the quality of the food. In my opinion it rivals gourmet quality restaurants. As an example I am impressed each time I get Tuna steak as it is seared just right, nice and thick, and perfectly seasoned. It is also a great value when compared to the costs of purchasing quality food at a supermarket or going to eat out even on occasion. I like to mention to my fitness clients to think about how much they spend on just one typical meal when they go out. We do not make money by promoting Nutropia at our center but rather we promote it because we believe know it works and want our clients to fully obtain their health goals. I always point out that fitness training and nutrition are equal parts of the same health equation. You cannot succeed without focusing on both.
I must also comment on how helpful their in-house nutritionist is in providing further guidance and suggestions at no charge. I know my clients have benefited from her advice as well. So the only question someone should ask themselves is if they want to commit to 5 or 7 days a week.

Kevin B Ruthen

Nutropia is the BEST home delivery service available. I’m a native New Yorker with a busy schedule and a passion for food. I had lost over 100 lbs in the past and saw the scale start to creep back up. I looked at my life and asked why? I know what to eat, I know about portion control, I know how to cook, I have a good level of activity… but I don’t know how to find the TIME to put together tasty, nutritious meals. Well I found a way around my dilemma and it is Nutropia.
I had tried several other home delivery services first and they just didn’t satisfy my needs. I wanted choice and flexibility with fresh, delicious foods.
With Nutropia, unlike other delivery services, you get to choose what you want every week. They give you a daily menu that you can either keep as is or swap meals or snacks to other options. The choices are endless and always changing. Not only do you get to choose your meals you also have the freedom to skip a meal or a whole day. It’s great for when you have to go to a dinner out or a business lunch.
And if you are just starting to get healthy they make it so easy you don’t need to know anything. Nutropia will give you the valuable tools needed to lose weight and get healthy. They will show you about portion control and give you the nutritional content of your meals so you can learn about what you are eating. This information is invaluable in starting to live a healthy life style. Not only that the food is absolutely delicious.
So whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight with healthier food, or just get rid of the awful processed frozen dinners and stack of delivery menus we had come to rely on Nutropia is the BEST. I couldn’t be happier and I am so glad I found them.
And the BEST part is I lost the weight I had put back on, and am now back in fighting shape.

Andrea Vannoni

My nutritionist recommended that I use Nutropia because my feeding habits were so erratic. Now, I look forward to breakfast since I have been a Nutropia satisfied customer these past 5 years. It keeps me satisfied until my late afternoon snack. Dinner, particularly when brownies are the dessert, are just what I need to relax with at the end of a long day in my therapy office.

Dr. Jacqueline Rose Hott

Getting my meals from Nutropia has helped take the focus off of what to eat, how much to eat, and what it’s going to cost me. I’m never hungry, but gone is that feeling that I’ve eaten too much simply because I was bored or it was put in front of me. Nutropia makes eating sanely and losing weight easy and delicious!

R. Tyler Manhattan

This is my second time I have used Nutropia. The food is well prepared and tasty. You do not feel hungry when you are on the diet. The first time i lost 52 lbs and now I lost 25 lbs. I highly recommend Nutropia and have referred 4 friends to them already.

Vivienne Halpern

I LOVE Nutropia’s new web site, it is so fast and convenient. All I do is click on the meals I want and like a magic trick, they appear daily at my door step. Nutropia is the best meal plan service I have ever used.

Chris Tarantio CEO Synergy Fitness L.I.

I needed to regulate my diet because of hypertension and high blood cholesterol levels, but as a finance professional, I didn’t have the time to prepare appropriate meals myself. Nutropia has not only helped me in getting my total cholesterol levels down to 150mg/dL from up at 210mg/dL but has also helped me lose 30 lbs while looking and feeling great. While I primarily started Nutropia for health reasons, I have recommended the program to perfectly healthy colleagues and would continue even if my medical conditions were to disappear because the food is great, the service exceptional, and the programs convenient and competitively priced. Thank you Nutropia!

Shern Frederick

Nutropia has made my life so easy. Not only have I reached my ideal weight, but Nutropia is helping me maintain that ideal weight. I used to worry about my weight all the time. Now I simply open my door in the morning and there is all my food for the day. No more worries about gaining weight.

Wendy Weiss

The selections as well as the quality of the food are unbelievable! I had been eating (and ordering) out a lot prior to Nutropia. The program not only has me eating MUCH healthier but it has actually proven to be way cheaper. Nutropia will continue to be a part of my life!

Joe P from Long Island

I am a freelance court reporter in New York City and my husband and I are very involved in volunteer work in the community. I do not have time to shop, or cook, or clean up. We enjoy good, nutritional food. Nutropia is exactly what I have been looking for. Measuring and counting calories and fat grams has been my life for years. No more! My husband told me, “Now you have the body that you always wanted and you don’t have to starve yourself.” Need I say more?

Patricia A. B., RPR

I am a professional woman who wears many hats during my very busy day. As a mother, wife, and business executive my work is never done, and usually my needs are the last to be recognized and fulfilled. The continuous stress of today’s lifestyle has made me a victim of circumstance; and so my health and body has suffered the consequences. Through the years I had become over weight almost to the point of being medically obese.
Luckily, I discovered Nutropia. Nutropia has allowed me to take charge of my health and appearance. The meal plans are very diversified and delicious. No frozen microwave dinners from the supermarket. Instead, Nutropia allows me to select my meals and plan out each meal and snack while following a “Zone” type food program. The “Zone” diet is diverse and low in refined sugars and fats. I actually lost over 20 pounds by eating 5 times a day and that is more than I ever ate before. Now, Nutropia takes care of me so I can take care of my family, business, and anything else that comes up during the day. My meals are freshly prepared and delivered each morning. All I have to do is sit down and enjoy each and every savory bite.
Thank you Nutropia for reminding me to take care of myself, so well and so deliciously.

Sofie from Brooklyn

As an active ob/gyn doctor who is constantly on the go, I have really been pleased with Nutropia. Not only is it wonderfully convenient (I can bring my meals with me to work), it’s delicious! I first learned about Nutropia from a colleague who is a gourmand so I knew it had to be good. There is plenty of variety so I’m never bored with the menu. The weight loss and nutritional balance are an added and welcome bonus. I plan to stick with Nutropia for a long time.

Sidney Wu

I have been with Nutropia for about two months. For these two months I have had lots of energy and have lost weight. The best part is that I always have something to eat and I am almost never hungry. Most importantly, I have learned what portion control is. My metabolism is more efficient and I weigh less than I have been in almost 5 years.
The people at Nutropia are so patient, understanding, and very accommodating. The delivery service is five star. There is a tremendous variety of food choices. I have wondered about a few of the recipes — they would be great to serve to my guests. We have even joked around and said that we could have a dinner party and serve everyone a Nutropia meal.
No regrets, just lost pounds.


My husband and I have been receiving meals from Nutropia for about 5 weeks. We are loving the convenience and taste of your meals. The best part of the program is having Ranee help us choose balanced meals. We are losing weight and feeling more energetic. We would recommend this program to anyone who is contemplating a change in their habits!
Thanks Ranee and everyone at Nutropia, for being there for us!

Bonni & Mike Margolies Boca Raton, FL

I’m a south Florida resident who lives an active lifestyle which includes the gym, running, biking, and a busy work schedule. Eating clean has always been a high priority for me, but I always found meal preparation, food shopping, and cleaning dishes/Tupperware to be an incredible nuisance. In fact I had always dreamed of a solution to this problem as I spent several hours of my valued free time on a Sunday prepping my meals for the week. Not only was this time consuming, but by the end of the week the integrity of my food was sacrificed.. When I was first introduced to Nutropia several years ago out of the NY location I was astounded by the convenience of outsourcing my meal preparation. The gourmet quality of the food and the variety of dishes offered were like icing on the cake. Unfortunately most of my time is spent in Florida and at the time Nutropia did not serve the South Florida market. My life has truly changed now that, Nutropia had expanded its footprint. One of the highlights of my day is going to my doorstep every morning and opening my Nutropia cooler bag to see my freshly made meals for the day. Nutropia not only stabilizes my weight, more importantly, it stabilizes my food expenses which is actually saving me money and a ton of time. I recommend to anyone looking to lose weight, stabilize their weight, or save time and money to give Nutropia a try. I guaranty it will change your life as it did mine.

Joshua Zuckerman
Nutropia Enthusiast Jupiter, FL

Wanted to take a moment to write to you about how much I have enjoyed the Nutropia gourmet food service. The meals are wonderful (sometimes heavenly) and there is a large selection to choose from, so being on the plan for an extended time frame does not get boring. I find the meals to be very satisfying, so that large portions are not needed and it is not necessary to over eat. The convenience of the meal plan is great. I have a very busy career and planning meals, shopping and cooking, is not how I would like to spend my free time. The snacks are a treat! I have also found that my head is much clearer on the food plan and I have more energy and greater feelings of well-being.

James Hartnett NY

To Nutropia:
I am so pleased to add my testimonial to those already written, as I know I speak for many who have enjoyed the Nutropia food and service for years. Yes, I have used Nutropia for many years- continuously!
It is not just for weight loss- although it does remind you that healthful food should taste great, and does not need a lot of salt or sugars to have flavor and quality.
It is also wonderfully convenient:
– I take the food to work for lunch and snacks. Of course it is in the refrigerator at home for dinner- quickly.
– I have taken the packages to the airport so that I am not dependent upon whatever high-sodium over-processed things are there- which just would make me feel worse after the flight.
– I have also packed some of the food frozen in my checked luggage- so that with a microwave
at my hotel destination, I have something nutritious at the beginning of a trip rather than whatever the hotel has to offer- or not offer.
– It is great that I can make selections from a wide choice of items, and that the service accommodates stop-dates easily.
Some of my favorites are the pancakes for breakfast- they are fluffy even with being microwaved (how do they do that)!
The chicken quesadilla is a filling meal, and any fish they make is excellent. I usually order the tuna fish as a snack twice a week- it is light on any “mayo” they use.
Of course people love their brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter clusters- great to have these options as well.
I do hope everyone keeps recommending the service to friends and family. It is also wonderful for those who do not get out too much to shop and need to keep nutrition as a priority as they get older- good nutrition requires a varied diet. It is a wonderful investment in those you care about, a great recommendation to a friend, and it becomes part of your life and well-being.
Thank you Nutropia for many healthy years- and many more ahead for the Nutropia staff and loyal Nutropia customers!!

Lynn New York

Nutropia is the best program I could have come across! As a full time Exercise Physiologist, and maintaining a very active lifestyle, nutrition has always been an important part of my daily routine. For years, my clients saw the effort I put into my food preparation and they all complained about not having the time to cook and package all of their food for the day. Which I admit, was very time consuming.
Signing up for Nutropia solved this time commitment for not only me, but for many of my clients as well! This is not just a low calorie weight loss program consisting of “diet foods”, but Nutropia a gourmet chef preparing delicious meals to each individual every day.
I can’t thank Nutropia enough for allowing me to have that extra time in the morning or at night to spend with my wife and daughter. To me, it’s a no brainer, and I only wish I had learned about them sooner!

Chris Cianciulli New York

“As 10 year NFL veteran, I know the importance of fueling your body for optimum performance. I firmly believe that the most important investment you can make in life is within your own body. I have been a Nutropia client for over 6 months and it has totally changed my life. My body composition, energy levels, athletic performance are all at the highest levels I have ever experienced. It is bar none the easiest and most convenient way to get everything you need to perform at the highest level. My only regret is not finding Nutropia 10 years ago.”

Steve Weatherford
New York GiantsNYC

“You do not feel hungry when you are on the diet.”

Vivienne Halpern Manhattan

“The Food is Outstanding!”

Bobbi Nigro
Fitness Editor of FIT Magazine NYC

“Nutropia is the BEST home delivery service available. I’m a native New Yorker with a busy schedule and a passion for food.”

Andrea Vannoni NYC

“I do not have time to shop, or cook, or clean up. We enjoy good, nutritional food. Nutropia is exactly what I have been looking for.”

Patricia A. Bidonde

“I chose the Nutropia program over a personal chef for my clients because it gave me a lot more menu variety and since I choose the meals for my clients, it gave me more control over portion size calories…”

Evan Chacker
Celebrity Trainer & Nutritionist NYC

“The program not only has me eating MUCH healthier but it has actually proven to be way cheaper.”

Joe P Long Island